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Anatomy of a Successful Mobile App Publisher


That is Where We Come In

TapHeaven Closes The Gap Via Affordable Intelligent Automation


  • Automatically

    Scale Ad Spend


  • Automatically

    Identify Optimizations


  • Automatically

    Execute Optimizations

  • One of our customers enjoyed the following benefits within 30 days:


Decrease in cost per install (eCPI)


Increase in new installs


Increase in total profit


Increase in profit margin
  • While working 113 fewer hours = $12,000 savings


“TapHeaven’s A.I. has become my marketing intelligence and media team.  From the moment we started using TapHeaven they have maximized the efficiency of our time, media spend, and ability to scale.”

– Brian Setaro, CEO and Founder,
    Notion Digital Media

Notion Digital is one of the fastest growing creators of digital products with 300K+ DAU’s and 2M+ mobile app installs. They needed to efficiently scale campaigns by improving data accuracy and optimization times.  However, they lacked the resources to accurately model LTV, optimize and monitor campaigns, and communicate with ad networks. Scaling their team would erode profit margins without solving their current problems.

TapHeaven partnered with Notion Digital to deliver:

  • Active monitoring of campaign performance 24/7/365
  • Instant identification and remediation of campaign issues, ad network issues and anomalies
  • Automated budget allocation and CPI/CPA optimization across all channels
  • Automated communication with ad channels via email or API
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