Message From Our CEO

Welcome to TapHeaven’s blog. This is an exciting milestone for us: in keeping with the theme of the season, we are unveiling our technology solution for the world to enjoy.

TapHeaven was founded by three passionate entrepreneurs looking to empower mobile advertisers through innovation. More consumers are moving to mobile every day for all of their consumption needs. However, mobile advertisers are still grappling with substantial wasted ad spend, heavy resource requirements, slow and manual execution, low transparency, and frustratingly poor ROAS.

TapHeaven gives mobile advertisers the power to succeed through data-driven insights, guidance, automation, control, and performance. We empower customers by transforming their mobile advertising approach through intelligent, automated, transparent, and easy to use technology. Our proprietary machine-learning technology enables mobile UA (user acquisition) teams to successfully function and scale easier, faster and smarter.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you transform your mobile publishing business.

– Chris Hoyt, CEO of TapHeaven

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