• Your Personal UA Co-Pilot

TapHeaven's SaaS platform automates the following:

  • 1

    Ingestion of your ad spend & campaign data

  • 2

    Real-time analysis & optimization recommendations

  • 3

    Execution of ad spend across all mobile channels on your behalf

Our sophisticated machine learning boosts your scaling, accuracy and LTV predictive abilities.

You focus on the fun stuff.

LET your CO-PILOT do the rest:

  • Live Campaign Monitoring
    & Optimization

  • Accurate LTV Predictive Modeling

  • Fraud Detection & Resolution

  • White List Management

  • Multi-Channel Optimization (Social, DSPs, Ad Networks)

  • Integrated With Leading
    Ad Networks

Live Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

Our AI can live-monitor campaign performance, instantly identify needed optimizations and automatically make adjustments on your behalf 24|7|365.

Accurate LTV Predictive Modeling

Our AI algorithms train models based on your desired business goals (LTV, volume, margin and breakeven). With just 30 days of historicals, the algorithms are able to deliver unprecedented accuracy in LTV predictions.

Fraud Detection & Resolution

TapHeaven’s technology can detect fraud via heuristics in the ad supply chain. After detection, TapHeaven builds a fraud package for you to contest and resolve the fraud as well as successfully track reimbursement.

White List Management

Our SaaS platform allows you to expertly manage your white lists for each campaign at the publisher app level in real-time. Think of us as the auto-pilot for your existing and new campaigns that reacts to real-time performance marketing data.

Multi-Channel Optimization
(Social, DSPs, Ad Networks)

Our expert systems can help you optimize across any channel which allows us to grow with your business to ensure you are successfully operating at scale.

Integrated with Leading Ad Networks

Our integrations get you operational quickly plus we can optimize on any ad network (via email). We know how to best optimize campaigns on each ad network via each network's own feedback.

Integrated with Leading Ad Networks

We integrate with all mobile advertising channels including ad networks, social, DSPs and any other ad networks of your choice. Our proprietary integration process enables us to integrate in less than a day with new advertising channels.

“Many of our clients are seeking methods to scale their UA ad spend as growth outpaces their staff.  Complementing one’s core UA team with TapHeaven’s innovative machine-learning is an affordable, yet effective way to boost scale and return on ad spend without a long expensive recruiting effort.”

– Mike DeLaet, CEO of DOD Media Group


Everything is Automated. Everything is Accurate. Everything is Profitable.

  • 1

    Ingests Data

    Spend Data
    Revenue Data
    Performance Data

  • 2

    TapHeaven Analyzes
    & Predicts

    Optimal Budget

  • 3

    TapHeaven Optimizes Campaigns

    CPI/CPA Price

No Credit Card Needed

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